Monday, February 2, 2015

Download From Your Computer To Your KM

I've been a bit busy playing with img2trk which enables us to take any image and download into our knitting machines. The programs (there are 3 to use) work with the 930, 940 and 950i.    It's not "hacking" your knitting machine.  Your computer will take the place of a PPD all in just a few minutes not hours (entering one stitch at a time).

It's really very simple to do, no really!  You need a cable (I bought mine online) that has the same end as a PPD has on it's cable (FTDI pin plug), the other end is a USB.  You download the software (3 minutes at most) and you are ready.

Once you open the program you simply select your image and in seconds your knitting chart appears.  You plug into the knitting machine, turn it on and enter the pattern just as you would from a PPD, that's it.  The program gives you the option to play with stitches and rows (pixels) and allows you to program up to 6 colors.  The below image is a picture of my best friend "Mikey" and was 131 rows in the one track.  If images are larger it will automatically create the different tracks.  My studio is next to my office where I have my mac.  I needed 35 feet of usb cable.  I purchased 5, 10' cables ($7) and simply plugged one into the other.

Think of the possibilities!
Mikey's Picture
My Mikey In Knit!


  1. Ciao Tom il mio cavo è arrivato oggi devo prendere la prolunga e scaricare il programma, mi indichi il tuo se puoi?
    Bellissimo il Tuo Mikey
    Grazie Vanda

  2. Check out this Facebook Group:

    Img2track - For Machine Knitters

  3. Replies
    1. The program will work on any electronic, you just need the proper cable for the machine.

  4. I have Dak8 i have not really used it as i am learning . Would Img2track be easier to use.?

    thanks Tom

  5. Tom what is the name for these cables , I live in Australia, can i get them here?

    regards Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie,

      This is easier to do picture knitting with. Cable and software info is here:

  6. How do img2track picture to my 940 knitting machine

  7. Hi Mirta - you do the same as above. If any questions email me directly by clicking on the "EMAIL ME" button up on the right side of this page.