Sunday, May 31, 2015

Test Knitting Done!

It has been such fun to work with Mary Anne Oger doing some test knitting for her.

She sent me some great mercerized cotton yarn to work with.  This yarn knits beautifully.  Mary Anne said wait until I wash and dry it (yes machine wash and into the dryer), you are going to like it a lot.  Wow was she correct!  Soft and cuddly, stitch definition is terrific and really holds it shape!  This project is all stockinette stitch one needs to be careful as any error (yours or the machine) will show!

The yarn is Bonita by Knitcraft.  I've seen this yarn suggested by Mary Anne for projects in her magazine "Knitwords" years ago but never used it, I'm sorry I hadn't.  Now I hear they may stop producing it.  Mary Anne will have the pattern available for purchase on her blog very soon - click here.  There is a ladies version too so make one for each of you!

Here are a couple of photos of the test knitting project "Manfriend Hoodie":

Just Waiting On A Proper Zipper

Zipper On It's Way
Knit In Pocket
Mary Anne Has A Great Technique For Hood Casing!


  1. Love it can't wait for the pattern to be available. Will have to find a yarn alternative as in UK. Hopefully Yeoman Yarn will have something similar

    1. Hi Helen! Yes Yeoman has a nice cotton that will work well for this. They have a great cotton/acrylic blend too which would be wonderful!

  2. Thanks Tom, have been meaning to try the cotton/acrylic blend.