Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Wow, it has been a long while since I have posted, I'm so sorry.  Guess I can blame it all on the holidays and life getting in the way of my posting.  Hope all had wonderful holidays!

I have been teaching each Sunday a small machine knitting group here in Las Vegas.  We meet at one members home, we use her casita for class where she keeps the machines set up.  We knit and talk about food and life!  Some are new machine knitters and some returning.  They are wonderful, very kind people and I adore them.

Seminar Updates
I am planning  to teach at The Finger Lakes seminar in upstate New York this September.  Will be nice to be back in the area, I owned 100 acres in the Cortland area (Pitcher NY) some years back, beautiful countryside and wonderful people.  Followed immediately by a few days of fun in Saint Cloud, Minnesota at Rocking Horse Farms to teach with Jason and Carole at their seminar.

Then a short break and planning to fly up to Glen Ellyn, Illinois October 8th and 9th to teach at the Interknit MK Club Seminar, Mary Slattery, contacted me and we still need to sort out all the details.

Finally, my buddy in Austin, Texas, Diana Sullivan, asked me to teach at their Knit Natters Seminar in spring of 2017.  It will be nice to spend more time with Diana, her friends and her great husband.

Details need to be finalized for all of the above.  Trying not to impose what I want to teach and have asked what their members would be interested in seeing and learning.  Knitting styles and interests seem to be regional and skill levels are varied.  Hopefully it will all work out well.

Latest Project/Learn By My Error
I had decided to re-knit the entrelac sweater I test knitted for Diana Sullivan.  This time in a softer yarn and in shades of grey from a deep to a silver grey.  It's a pleasure to knit and quite relaxing.  You start with the round yoke, knit up and attach the collar.  Here is where I went wrong last night.  Being tired and eyes heavy I pushed on (I am an experienced knitter right?), huge mistake.  I had the TV on listening to a talk show, the work phone was beeping texts and my dog wanted to play ball.  But I pressed on.  Today, after getting my internet modem changed out (no internet not a good thing) due to an upgrade my provider did as a favor (not).  I went to the studio to weave in some ends and start the sleeves/body.  Wow!  I made the collar and attached it last night (Diana does not instruct do it this way), I never reduced my tension settings.  Then to make matters worse I has also removed all my waste yarn.  The collar looks awful, so when my eyes and brain are not too tired I need to remove the collar and run a life line then attach a proper collar.

If you are new to machine knitting, know that even the most experienced of us make errors.  No big deal, it's only knitting and it can all be corrected!

When the sweater is done properly I'll post a photo or two.

I'll be back soon...be well.

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