Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thumbs Up To...Feel Good Yarn Company & Silverpsun!

Month and months ago Laurie Gonyea Founder of Feel Good Yarn Company sent me a skein of sock yarn.  The yarn is "Silverspun" and I promised to make a a pair of machine knit socks (no other  she was aware of had used this yarn on a knitting machine).  Silverspun is available in sport and sock (fingering) weight.

The unique thing about her yarn is it contains silver.  If you are knitting mittens or gloves the wearer will still be able use phones and tablets with having to remove them.  There are also claims by others (not Feel Good Yarn Company) stating the silver helps with arthritis, good for diabetics and etc.

As soon as I received the yarn I ran to wind the skein into a center pull ball...maybe I should have taken my time.  As I was doing two things at once I did not pay attention to the yarn swift and ended up with a tangled mess.  So, as we often do, I decided to put the yarn in a cabinet drawer in my studio to untangle another day.  There is sat for months!  Only the other day when looking for a yarn (mind you I have hundreds of cones and skeins) I opened up the drawer and there it was.  No time like the present...I sat down, took my time to untangle and wind.  Ran to my studio and started the socks.

A fingering weight yarn that knits up at 27-32 stitches per 4 inches using US 1-3 (2.25-3.25mm) needles. 87g/400 yards per skein. Knitting machine suggested T5 to T8. 400 yds, 87% combed cotton / 5% silver / 5% nylon / 3% spandex

Wow, this yarn is a dream to knit, with a hand just like cashmere.  My standard gauge machine loved it too!  It was smooth and easy to knit.  The socks have a bit of stretch which is wonderful, feel great on the feet, fit perfectly and wash beautifully.  I used my normal (for socks) tension also did not adjust my usual number of stitches and rows.

The yarn is not a bargain yarn but if you want to invest in a wonderful yarn then visit: Feel Good Yarn Company!

You can also watch Laurie's video and read their story here: Laurie Gonyea & Company Story

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