Friday, September 23, 2016

A New Machine Knitting Book!

Great news!  Mary Anne Oger has just published a new book for machine knitters, "The Handbook for Manual Machine Knitters" (120 pages!).  Mary Anne is a great teacher and wonderful machine knitter, such talent.  When she was working on her "Manfriend Hoodie" last year she asked me to test knit for her.  I love to test knit so I jumped at the chance.  Since, I have knit several of the hoodies not only because it's a great design and technique but it's a perfect winter thing for me here in Las Vegas.  Ok I am getting off the subject...

You can run over to and pick one for yourself (mine is arriving tomorrow) it's only $29.95 and if you are a Prime member free shipping!  Details on Mary Anne and her book can be found at Amazon by clicking on the link below it will take you directly there: 

Click here: The Handbook for Manual Machine Knitters 


  1. Mary Anne Oger is teaching in Dallas next month! I saw that her book is ready, and I'm hoping to buy one from her while I'm at the seminar.

    There may still be space at the seminar, if someone would like to go. Mary Anne Oger has made a tremendous contribution to machine knitting, and I am really looking forward to her classes.