Thursday, August 31, 2017

Joining Yarn

There are many times as we knit a manufactures knot is buried deep in a cone of yarn and only discovered as you are knitting along (usually in the middle of a row).  If I am knitting stockinette stitch I can easily rip back stitches to the end of a row, and start the yarn after the knot.

If knitting a stitch pattern or in the middle of some short row shaping it can be a bit messy to get back to the beginning of a row and maintain the integrity of the pattern or short rows.  This is when I turn to the "Russian Join" method.

This is a strong join and when knit is usually never visible without tails to weave in, it slips right through the machine smoothly.  Simply cut out the knot and create the join as shown in the video below.  This is also very helpful with yarn broken during repurposing or winding mishaps.

Take a look, you will like this as much as I do!