Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is Your Electronic Machine Protected?

I have not been able to blog the past two weeks due to a hideous cold/flu that got me. Feeling so much better now so, I am back.

Machine Knitting Monthly has my contact details listed in the "Knitting Buddies" column and I receive lots of email from knitters all over the world. It is amazing that so many machine knitters who own an electronic/computerized knitting machine do not have them plugged into a surge protector! It is an inexpensive item that can protect your valuable investment from power surges. I strongly suggest you plug into one. Another good idea is to simply unplug your machine when not in use.

Hoping by the end of the day to post my pattern and photos of a Gun Mitten I have designed for machine knitters, this is a quick and very nice gift idea for the guy(s) in your life.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better Tom. I look forward to seeing your Gun Mitten. My family has several hunters in it. My machines are manual, so don't worry about where to plug them in. However, I was sitting here the other night during a storm and heard drip....drip...drip. Got up to see what was going on and water was dripping into a KM!! I nearly flipped. Thankfully the leak had just started and I took care of that and called the roofer. The hair dryer and ceiling fan dried my machine out just fine then I did a light oiling on it. All is well. :)