Monday, December 19, 2011

Machine Knitted Gun Mitten

After lots of charting and many "piles" of disasters for my attempts at making a Gun Mitten - SUCCESS!

If you know anything about me you'll know I avoid seams at any cost.  Not that I don't know how or that I can't do so (evenly and invisibly), I can.  Just not fond of back and forth seaming even though my belief is not to use a linker or sewing machine; cut and sew, no.  My feeling is knit, shape and seam with the yarn used on the project but, minimize seams if possible.

So, with that in mind I wanted a Gun Mitten without seams around the mitten and fingers.  This one is exactly that, only one seam in the cuff.

The entire Gun Mitten is made with a ribber and knit circular; actually pretty easy if you have done socks the double bed/circular method.

With a worsted weight yarn my gauge was 4 st to 1" and 6 rows to the 1" - My Brother bulky was set at T2.75 for the 1x1 ribbing and 4.75 for the Gun Mitten.  I kept the weight fairly light (1 large + 1 small ribber weight on a "7" ), although circular needs a lot of weight I am trying to avoid the stress on the needles and needle bed.

As this was a "special request" from someone (who does not hunt or shoot guns) the ribbing was extra long at 40 rows.  This would be ideal for a hunter, they actually feel great on!

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