Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Favorite Knitting Machine Tools; Cheap Too!

I correspond with Machine Knitters all over the globe, I am a "Knitting Buddy" in the UK publication Machine Knitting Monthly.  Readers who have questions about Brother machine(s) contact me via email for help, it is very rewarding to be able to assist a fellow MK'r when they need to "fix" something.

Oddly, this past week a couple of people asked which are my favorite knitting machine tools.  So, I started thinking during my charting out a baby hoodie I am planning to start today (a gift for my Chiropractor who is expecting and loves the socks I bring her and her staff).  The picture below is of my two-(2) favorite tools (not gadgets) that are not sold with a knitting machine:

My Most Used & Favorite Tools
  The yellow brush, purchased years ago at a local $1 store is the BEST for taking out all fuzz/lint from any machine.  The bristles are just under 3" long, don't come out of the base and gets into each channel of the main and ribber beds.  When I take out my sponge bars to clean the channels (with a long bottle brush) there is hardly any fuzz to be removed!  To clean your knitting machine brushes, use a hair comb.  You got it, a comb, simply comb the bristles from base to tip to remove the fuzz much like you would clean a hair brush.

Then there are the blue clothes pin, again, a $1 store find - 6 in a package.  The nice wide arch in the pin makes it ideal for fitting on my tension masts and etc.

For $2 these "Are A Few Of My Favorite Things" - just like the song from the "Sound of Music."

When out shopping keep your eyes open, you never know what you may find and subsequently add to your cache of "favorite" tools.

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