Monday, August 27, 2012

I Have Been Knitting Slippers...

I have been busy knitting away, test knitting for Diana Sullivan for  her new slipper book.

She has some terrific patterns in her book, they look great and easy as can be too.

Diana's creation, "No Sew Slipper" is lined, warm, squishy and NO SEWING!  Perfect for me as I avoid it when possible.

I whipped up her moccasin style slipper last night.  Takes little yarn and really looks great.

This past week, I  received my first computerized sewing machine, you name it it has it and does it.  Tested it out briefly and so far so good.  Another machine to learn!  Hoping when I get it down I can incorporate some of the stitches and features into my machine knitting items.  I am not new to sewing, my grandparents on my Mother's side were in the garment industry. My Grandfather (from Italy) was a tailor and made many suits for the Movie Stars of the day; most of his work was done by hand stitching, especially the collars.  My grandmother, owned a dress manufacturing business.  I still have her old Singer factory machine.  There are a million attachments and this machine was built like an army tank.  She taught us all how to sew, make patterns and design our own items.  She had the knack to look at a dress (or any garment), sit down with old newspaper (I do this!), sketch out the pattern and make a duplicate.  She did this for my sisters wedding when the Flower Girl dress was not available and my Sister wanting the Flower Girl dress to match the Bridesmaids.  Truly amazing.

I thank them for teaching me how to do these things, especially to have patience.  And in the end, if it doesn't look right, rip it out and redo it or throw it out and start again.  You learn as you go, not making the same error twice.  Gee sounds like our hobby of machine knitting doesn't it?

Below are the test slippers I made this week:

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