Sunday, August 19, 2012

iPad & Machine Knitting

I have some neat app's on my iPad which I use for my machine knitting.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a great gauge calculator app out there, I use it often to get gauge.

Tonight, I was testing out a slipper pattern for Diana Sullivan and wanting to not print it (trying to be green) my iPad was in my lap.

About 3/4 of the way through this great slipper pattern, the iPad scrolled to the last page.  When I noticed this I scrolled to where I "thought" I was and not where I "actually" was.  What a mess.

It was frustrating me as I kept reading and reading where I thought I should be and none of it made sense, thinking, what in the world did Diana leave out?!?  Not a thing.

Funny, how our minds work, me thinking and knowing something was missing why didn't I re-read everything I did?  Well this is a lined slipper, my gauge was a bit off as my yarn tension mast was acting up when I started to knit.  This being a test slipper I just released the knitting off of the machine.  When I test knit for someone I always do two-(2) of whatever I am testing.  The first is for me to work through the pattern and get the mechanics down.  The second is to really "test" the authors instructions and etc.

There you go, if you want to use an iPad as you knit DON'T LEAVE IT IN YOUR LAP!

P.S. Diana's book and companion DVD "Footnotes" are going to be wonderful, one of her best!


  1. You are a fantastic couple and Diana

  2. Hi Tom, you sound a bit like me. I have been struggling to do Iris's Evolution pattern, I am on my second attempt, and have re-read instructions, but am still going wrong somewhere !!! Thinking is it the pattern or me?? I am attempting to unravel it again 40/50 rows or so. Got the patience of a saint I think. Hopefully I will master it, and after seeing Phil's finished project I must do it. Best wishes Val Poole