Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Knitting Words

A reader posted a question on my blog post: Electronic Machines Have More Than 555 Built In Patterns

The reader asked how to program in the letters to form words, here is how I do it.

There is no space programmed in between the letters and there is no extra row of plain knitting to indicate you have completed the pattern.  If you are watching the knitting you will see when the letters are finished knitting.  Letters must be programmed in one at atime, you will want to use the letters only in "isolation" knitting.  You can make them double wide and double high.  Words can be programmed in using the isolation setting to form the words.  Remember to test out your programming and see where you need to wrap stitches to avoid holes.

I like using the Garter Carriage for letters, they are subtle, classy and no holes or floats to worry about.

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