Monday, December 17, 2012

Brother Electronic Machines Have MORE Than 555 Built-In Patterns!

Did you know that?  If you own a Brother or Compuknit Electronic with 555 pre-programmed patterns in memory, there are more!  Why wouldn't they tell us?  We'll never know...


Pattern 601 thru 626 A-Z Upper Case
Pattern 627 thru 652 A-Z Lower Case
Pattern 653 (a period) "." (use isolation setting)
Pattern 881 1X1 Alternate Selection (seed stitch - changes each row)
Pattern 882 5X5 Needle Selection
Pattern 883 1X16 Needle Selection
Pattern 884 1st Row: 1 needle selects every fifth needle
                    2nd Row: 2 needles select
                    3rd Row: 3 needles select
                    4th Row: 4 needles select
                    5th Row: all needles select

All variation switches can be used on the above patterns.  Remember when knitting letters, you must wrap your yarn to avoid holes.  Use the letters in the isolation setting and can be double high and wide!  There are more hidden, can you find them?

My 930 update:  The new one arrived, in bits an pieces...I want to scream.  Thank goodness for shipping insurance, I hope...


  1. I just got a Brother 930 refurbished and plan to start getting to know the beginning of next year. Are you saying those patterns are on a 930?

    1. Yes Lynne, these are on the 930 and other Brother/KnitKing machines that have 555 built in patterns! Don't know why they are not in the Stitchworld book. Program your machine for these patterns and run the carriage without yarn to see the needles select. Then load the yarn and try a test swatch!

      If you need help on the 930 let me know as I use mine all the time.

      Happy Holidays!

    2. They aren't in the stitch world book but my 950E manual has the alphabet. It also has #703 a folded braid which can be used as edging.

  2. I wish you luck with your insurance claim. I have one pending now for a month with the Post Office. What stinks about it is that you can't do anything with the damaged item until they settle the claim. So make sure you save all your receipts, the packaging it was shipped in, and, of course, the item itself. I don't know how yours was shipped: USPS is S L O W with claims, I don't know if UPS or FEDEX is any better.

    1. It was UPS, I expect it to take time as they are busy this time of year. Had a claim with USPS and it did not take too long, all done on the Internet.

      Thanks and good luck, was it a damaged KM?

  3. Yes, it was a SilverReed sk 155. From what I can tell from my buyers photos, it looks like someone dropped it on its end. The entire end cap is busted to pieces. I turned the claim in online on 11/13 it is still pending. The worst part is that my buyer can't have the machine repaired until the claim is settled. I wish you better luck with your claim.

    1. That's what I believe happened to mine, dropped on the corner. I can't believe it's taking so long for USPS to settle with you.

  4. Hi Tom. I am lucky to have a sheet which outlines these with #stitches and rows for each letter. What I don't know how to do is use the pattern number to make a word. For example, the word "sample" . How do you program that into the machine? If I'm knitting from the bottom up and I want the word to be horizontal. Help! Thanks! If I enter in #619 for the letter "S" then it will knit back and forth without knitting the rest of the word, won't it? I'm too new to know how to approach this. Can you help outline the steps? Thanks! Martha

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