Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brother 930E Update...

As you can see from the posting below, my battery change went well.  Unfortunately, this did not "fix" the problem.  The board(s) in my 930 seem to be toast. (there are more than 1).

So, being in love with this machine (my ribber and Garter Carriage are also "E's) and being an A type person, I sought some help in my search for replacement boards.  All I can say is EEEEK!  The price I got for the main mother board alone was more than I paid for the machine.  Then if it was one of the other smaller boards I would really be up the creek.

Some people I know and contacted looking for the boards were wonderful, others no reply or could not offer any help.  Dorothy at Custom Knits & Mfg. was wonderful as was Norm at Newtons, special thanks to them!

So, I decided to buy another machine and use it for replacement parts.  I was very lucky, got a great price on a very well kept one original owner machine.  They are getting harder and harder to find and the ones available are pricey and not in the greatest of shape.

The machine should arrive soon and I plan on offering the items I won't need (carriages, rails, tension mast, combs, tools and etc.) to those Machine Knitters who may be in need.

I'll post once the machine arrives, so much for all the holiday gifts I had planned for this machine.

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  1. Your generosity is also reflected by your smile