Sunday, December 2, 2012

Changed 930E Battery Today

Last post I was whining about my knitting carriage not selecting needles for lace patterns (below post).  Odd as when I select KCl or KCll the pattern knits.  With that in mind, I decided to change out the battery as on this machine I haven't done that.  The original sales receipt and product registration card that came with the machine is dated 09-29-88, 24 years old with the original battery!

Typically, you know your battery is going when the machine starts to make that "pinging ring" or you can't program in a new pattern.  That was not an issue for me and the original owners patterns were still loaded.

A few months ago I bought a back-up 3V battery from "Digi-Key" they carry the batteries we need for our Brother machines.  You can't beat their price either, $5.85 per battery.  Need a spare battery (for all Brother machines except the 970) just click here: 

It is easy to replace the battery and you should not be intimidated by it.  The hardest part was removing the solder from the holes so I could insert the new battery.

For those who have not looked at a knitting machine mother board and battery, here are some photos:

Battery Located In Upper Right Hand Corner

Close-up Of Old Battery

Cables Pull Out & Go In Easily 
All back together, took about 40 minutes start to finish.  When you plug your machine back in, you will probably get error code 888.  No worries, depress the "step & input keys" at the same time, then release, depress the "input key" once.  The machine will reboot in 30-60 seconds and return to normal.  BE WARNED: Changing your battery will result in any patterns you entered being deleted.  You may want to back up your files first.  The factory installed programs will not be deleted.

And guess what?  The needles are still not selecting when carriage is set to N-L and lace pattern is in play.  On to the next fix, I hope!

Hmmm, wonder if Ye Olde Yarn Shoppe in Grandville, Michigan is still in business (where this machine was purchased)?


  1. Thanks Tom
    dispatched in the hope it would keep Italy scortun embrace of useful information

    1. Vanda, you are an inspiration for all machine knitters. Your work is impeccable and beautiful. It is so nice to have the Internet to communicate with machine knitters around the world. Thanks!

  2. I don't know about Brother machines, but my Studio does something similar to this every once in a while. What I have to do to fix it is completely clean everything: carriage, needle bed, tension unit, etc. Then re-oil all appropriate parts. I think sometimes a bit of fluff gets on a sensor somewhere and won't allow the machine to read properly. I know the electronics on a Brother work differently, but it might be worth a try.

    1. Thanks lzbeth. I'm trying everything...going to play with it some more tonight.