Monday, December 1, 2014

Quick Hat For Holiday Gift - No Seams!

With the Holiday's fast approaching you need to whip up a quick hat as a gift as you are short on time.  No need to seam up this one!  It comes off the machine with only two ends to weave in.

I designed this one a few years back as so many of us were knitting for the troops.  Diana Sullivan knit my hat and filmed it for YouTube.  You can click HERE to be taken to the post with the video links (it's in 2 parts).  Also, I was flattered further when a German machine knitter filmed a YouTube video of my pattern as well, in German.  Give it a try, any questions let me know via email.

Bulky 9mm Machine
T8 on both carriages
Set racking to H3
Set machine to knit normal   
To fit a men's avg size head

MB 17L 17R
RB 17L 16R

Cast on full needle rib with waste yarn, hang comb and 3 large weights.  Set machine for circular.

RC 000 with WY knit about 40 rounds (20 rows each bed) , in first stitch on MB add a stitch marker.  Knit one round of ravel cord. RC 000, change to MC and knit 44 rounds; if adding contrasting stripes here is the place to do so, if not ignore the 44 rounds and knit 76 rounds (if adding stripes begin MC at round 45 and knit through round 76).

Remove weights and comb, open up both beds to furthest "click"

Bring up the WY you knitted first from the bottom through the center.  Hang the stitches from first row on each bed (begin with stitch that has marker - this will prevent twisting) beginning with MB far right stitch.  Once all hung bring up beds and hang lots of weight (I used 4 large weights). To make it easier to knit the first round, you could bring out all needles on each bed to E position - DO NOT put your carriages in hold).  RC 000 Knit circular to RC56 (lengthen or shorten here).

T7 each carriage.  

On each bed do a full fashioned decrease (4 stitches decerased on each end of both beds) with triple transfer tool (decreasing 8 stitches per round), place needles in hold and knit row, bring next bed needles to hold and knit row, (this makes knitting that first round easier).  Do the same for the next three rounds, decrease tension one full # down each round down to T4 on last round,  you will have decreased 32 stitches.

Knit 6 rounds WY and release from machine.  Remove ravel cord/WY in cuff of hat and close top.



  1. need hat pattern for bulky machine (no ribber). Its an old KH-210 haha if you can believe that...pooooor old these use spongebars?

  2. Great pattern, Tom, as I do not enjoy seaming hats. After watching Diana Sullivan's video in Nov., I made 50 of them for a charity.
    Just an it possible to replace the rehung hem with 1X1 ribbing? I have tried but end up with mess when trying to figure out how to cast on for the hem. Still pretty much a newbie.
    Thanks, Terry

  3. The decreases are confusing to me. If I do a full fashion decrease using a triple transfer tool, that is only a single stitch on each end of both beds. That is 4 decreases per round. Am I completely misunderstanding the pattern? I did watch Diana perform the same decreases on her video. This is not 8 stitches per round. Please advise.

    Thanks, Thomas

    PS. Disappointed you will not be at RHF on 9/18-19.