Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Apologies, Apologies!

A quick post to apologize...

If you are attending the Rocking Horse Farms seminar this month in St. Cloud MN., unfortunately, I wont be able to make it.  Work beckons resulting in a scheduling conflict.  I was so looking forward to it, had the curriculum ready, airline tickets and etc. all arranged.  Last evening I had to email Jason Wurst and let him know.  Have not heard back from him, hope he isn't too annoyed (he's a good guy)!  Good news is I am participating as an instructor in next years Finger Lakes seminar!

Another apology, I never stated why my whitening formula (below post) is "better."  After some emails I thought I would let you know.  This is easier as you just dump it all in a blender, whiz it up and go!  Also, using the hair lightner creates less "bloating/swelling" after the whitener rests and starts working.

Now for Lynne who emailed asking about the whitener and was honest enough to say she found it hard to read the posts as the font color on the black background made it difficult.  Yes Lynne, I was looking for a bit of pizazz but not at the cost of losing any of you!  Thanks for letting me know.  Better I hope?

I am excited to find out there is a "Meet Up Group" here in Las Vegas for machine knitters!  The first meeting is this coming Sunday and I look forward to meeting the folks & exchange ideas. Thus far 16 members and hoping this will be a "regular club" for Las Vegas machine knitters.

Have you checked out Diana Sullivan's recent blog post?  Diana had mentioned to me in the past these wonderful ribber wires Helen Griffith sells (and some really reasonable yarns).  Check out Diana's post here and then go pay Helen a visit!

Reminder cooler weather is fast approaching as are the holiday's, time to start planning and knitting!


  1. I just used Tom's "original recipe" and whitened the plastic on two machines. It made a huge difference, not just on the ivory colored plastic, but also on the colored parts, making the colors look better. Can't wait to try the new recipe!

  2. Fantastic post - Great explainations and thinking.I'm looking forward to what you have for us next..!