Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dragonfly, Way Off Topic

Today is a mish-mosh of little things I need to do for the upcoming hectic work week.  No knitting yet but, it is on my agenda for after dinner (rotisserie glazed, bourbon brined pork tenderloin).  Having a late afternoon coffee, I noticed my odd plant (agave aloe thing) with it's 6' flower stalk (ready to bloom) had the below hanging on it's very tip (even though it's 105 deg F at the moment).

Here is it's description:

Dragonflies are agile and have bulging eyes that often occupy most of the head and a wingspan of about 6 in. (16 cm). The dragonfly is one of the fastest-flying and most predaceous insects; in 30 minutes it can eat its own weight in food.

And, here is my pond it was next to:

Thought I would share, nature sure is amazing huh?


  1. great photos. What a pretty back yard you have. We live on 20 acres in the hinterlands of MO and although we try and keep it looking nice it can in no way be described as manicured. We have a lot of woodland, a couple of ponds and about 5 acres that we (well I) mow. My husband has some serious health issues that prevent him doing the outside work now so I do my best to keep on top of it.
    We do have some amazing wildlife here which is a joy to watch.

  2. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks and he kept coming back all afternoon!