Sunday, June 24, 2012

In Search Of The Perfect Tuck Stitch...

I recently purchased some Yeoman cotton/acrylic yarn (color is "oatmeal") during a yarn co-op over at Knit It Now.  My reason for this purchase is to make a summer shirt for myself.  I can't believe I'm doing that as I NEVER make anything for me!

So I have been in search of a stitch pattern (tuck) that I like enough to start the project.  You would think with all of the pre-programmed stitches in my standard machine and all the books and magazines I have I would find one.  Nope!

So, I got resourceful and started looking at the punchcard patterns I have on CD's and actual punchcards I have. Again, nope.

Then I stumbled across a flyer I had (who knows from where) that had a punch card pattern of 24 stitches wide X 12 rows.  Having no clue what this would look like knitted up, I programmed the pattern into my machine (I do this when I find a punchcard pattern I want to use).

Got busy testing the pattern with some partial ball of sock yarn I had in a bin , liked it enough to test and swatch with the new Yeoman yarn.  EEKK!  I am at tension 9 on this as the cotton is a bit dense and you know how soft and easy to knit cotton yarn can be (NOT!).  all kidding aside, this may be the one.

Yeoman Swatch

Yeoman Swatch Diagonal

Interesting tuck huh?  The swatch has been laundered and dried flat.  Now to measure my gauge and go from there.

And what's hanging on your needles...


  1. Looks nice Tom! Is it Yeomans Acrylic Cotton 4 ply? I must admit I also find it hard to find suitable tuck stitch patterns as most of them to me seem a bit "old fashioned" I am much more of a slip stitch lover, but this one is lovely as its more of an all over pattern. Would love to see the electronic chart you inputted for this... :-)

  2. This is nice. I like knitting Tuck Stitch.

  3. I like that stitch, any chance you could put up the card on your blog so I can punch it out. Good that you are knitting something for yourself. I have yet to make myself something, but it's fun making for others, especially the grandkids.

  4. This is similar to a hand knit pattern I am doing now. I've been trying to find a punchcard pattern i could use on my machine. Could you possibly share a photo of the pattern you used on your computer? Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      I will need to go back and look as this was 6 years ago. I know have the information somewhere. Be patient I will find it.


    2. I would also love to see the pattern you used as I would love to have a punch card for it. Thank you