Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gauge - Why Get A Match?

Today, I received an email from a very nice lady asking me how I "match" my gauge to that of a pattern.  She was trying to match 7 stitches and 17.5 rows to the inch.

I sent a rather lengthy reply explaining the in's and out's of "attempting" to do this especially with her using a different machine and yarn.

So, to keep it simple (and stop the insanity), use YOUR gauge for YOUR machine and YOUR yarn.  Simply do the calculations (conversions) BEFORE you start the project.

The pattern will tell you the gauge "they" used, simply divide the rows and stitches (needles) by their gauge to get the measurements (cm's or inches) "they" had.  Then use YOUR  gauge with those measurements to get the correct stitches (needles) and rows for YOUR gauge.  Do the same for any decreasing and or increasing.

Simple huh?

I had the exact same way off gauge on the swatch I posted last (below).  The calculations are done and it's ready to go just a very long, long week at work and too exhausted to sit at the machine. When I am tired I don't chance any knitting, I've learned my lesson before!

Also, I am an Apple fan, not just for eating  but for computers.  I am typing this on my iMac and use my iPad more frequently.  There are "free" apps that calculate your gauge!  I have one I use on my iPad.  You simply enter the stitches, rows, width and length and it is done for you.  No errors!

This week I hope to get going on my Summer T-shirt with the swatch below (last post).

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!

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