Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where Have I Been...

I work in the travel industry here in Las Vegas, with the airlines have doing so more than 30 years.  At the end of last month we were busy getting ready to move to a brand new Terminal (at the end of June).  This was exciting and exhausting.  A few challenges with long days and weeks.  So, at that point too tired to knit, my brain would not function anyway.

With that behind me, I was assisting with some baggage and ended up with a pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck...ouch!

So bending my head and huddling over one of my machines was out of the question.  It still hurts, but, getting better.  I should really go visit my Chiropractor (I knit for her and her staff) but, I am stubborn.

Well, yesterday I decided to give it a go on my standard and knit a simple (Garter Carriage) sock.  WHAT A MESS I made.  The Garter Carriage (I was playing with) decided to not free up the yarn and dropped all the knitting off the machine when I walked away.  The nerve!  Okay so, I rewound the yarn (scarlet red fingering) and went at it again.

This time my neck was irritated (like my mind) and I made two biggies (I am not a novice); I did not set the tension dial at all on the Garter Carriage so the stitches were huge, THEN, I forgot to decrease on the correct side to center the pattern.  ENOUGH for last night.

So, I just rewound again...should I go at it now or wait???  Don't you hate when something like this happens to you?  I bet we all have our stories as to "when things go wrong on our knitting machines!"

Keep in mind, I am one to say try to knit a bit each day if possible, but not when you are in pain; it will only cause more pain!
Scarlet Red Fingering

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