Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Spring, Do You Know If Your Beds Are Aligned?

Spring is a good time to check your Main Bed and Ribber Bed for proper alignment.

Has your Transfer Carriage been not quite right?  Have you had ribber stitches look mis-shapen?

Even if not, Spring is a good time to check your machine alignment (clean them too if you need to).

I have done thousands and thousands of rows of knitting over the winter and my machines need a deep cleaning (the big clean) but, I thought, when did I check my alignment last?  We need to do this periodically as the movement of the carriage (especially after a lot of cotton yarn tuck rows) and repeated raising and lowering the Ribber Bed will eventually misalign the beds.

So I took 15 minutes tonight and checked it all.  My standard was our of alignment!  From side to side a bit off, height a bit low and distance from the main bed was off on one side.

I like most have some great printed info on making adjustments.   But, if you don't here is the link to the Desert Machine Knitters website, they have instructions and diagrams posted to get you back in alignment.

Happy Spring!

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