Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ribber Hint

I have started a new polo in a a nice shade of salmon by Yeoman, it's a 50/50 cotton/acrylic.

I wanted the waist ribbing to not pull in and have some body to it. A 2x2 ribbing knit in the 2x1 needle arrangement would be great.  With this yarn I find both ends of the ribber after a few rows were starting to loop and not knit.  Then toward the middle (row 18) all needles were getting loopy.

Easy fix, just pull up the ribber needles to hold position then knit across the row.  Yes, a bit more work to pull up all the needles on the ribber each row but worth the effort.  Take a look:

End Needles Pulled All The Way Out

Now The Entire Row Pulled Out

Worth The Extra Step (still on the comb)!

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  1. Yarn spray will help too. Mike Becker at DSknits has some new spray out. I haven't tried it yet but have heard good things about it.;-)