Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Fever Project

Have you ever had a project make you insane?  Bet the answer is yes.

I have some really nice 5/2 cotton (color is "currant") which I am using to make a warm weather tuck stitch vest.  Everything that could go wrong has.  Dropped EO stitch when knitting, broken yarn (right under a needle), forgetting to knit the last row of each shoulder piece in stockinette (you ever rehang tuck stitches then pull them through other tuck stitches to then knit a row?), needles not selecting when I turned the machine back on, not enough weight on the ends, loop on the end, yarn caught on a gate peg, did chain cast off after joining a shoulder to only find I missed one of the get the idea.  I must admit, these were all my fault (except the broken yarn).

Maybe it's "spring fever?"

Below is a 20 second video clip (I sent to a friend) of decreasing as I was doing one of the armholes in tuck stitch.


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  1. It must be spring fever, I'm having problems with everything I knit... ;-)