Monday, March 23, 2015

A Returning Machine Knitter Who Is Awesome!

I received an email from Judy B. asking for some guidance with double bed knitting.  She was asking about double bed jacquard and yarn suggestions.  I have to agree with Judy, the different ways we have to select yarn weights can be confusing.  What was amazing to me is she stated "I am returning to MKg after many years. I am self taught which is probably why I'm struggling so now. "  Doesn't appear from her photos that she is struggling!  Judy, most of us are self taught that can be a good thing.

Judy was kind enough to send some pictures of her projects.  I  complimented her as the projects are awesome and asked if she minds me posting her pictures, she was kind enough to say yes. Judy also sent the links to some of the patterns she knit.  I see a Diana Sullivan Bunny in there!

Speaking of my friend Diana Sullivan, Judy used Diana's zig-zag scarf method for the blanket.  Judy stated:  "The zig zag blanket was done using Diana Sullivan's video for a ribbed zig-zag scarf.  The only change I made was to change racking directions every 10 rows rather than every 20 rows. I LOVE this pattern cuz once it's done, it's done - no need to add a binding/edging."

The bonnet was from this link - must scroll down to "Lacy Baby Bonnet" by Lora Kinnan:
The booties were from:

Nicely done!

 As an added bonus she sent this link to eliminate floats in multi color work.  I do know of this technique and have used it with great success.  I do like the slide show with pictures (like some of my posts) and I know of the artist and her work.

Thank you for sharing with us Judy and send more of your photos.

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