Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mitered V-Neckband Method

I received an email today asking about V-Neckbands so I thought let me do a quick photo tutorial and post it.  When adding a mitered neckband to a V Neck sweater or vest I find it very easy to do it this way.  Yes there are other ways to do it but with this being so simple why not?  After all knitting is supposed to be "enjoyable" not tedious!

This is not to offer you all the ways to obtain the amount of stitches needed for a band or how to attach the band, just the method for obtaining the center point of the V (the miter) without transferring all the stitches.  Keep in mind for best results you should only be increasing after knitting two rows of the 1x1 ribbing.  So if knitting a ten row band you would increase four times, a stitch on each end for a total of eight stitches increased. The live stitches (see photo) are used to attach the band to the neckline.

Take a look below.  Note:  I knitted a sample on the bulky (easier to demo) to photograph for you (light blue yarn photographs very well).
Started using 10L-9R in 1x1 ribbing, cast on & circular rows completed then I knitted 2 rows of ribbing.

Transferring MB heel stitch from 9R to RB needle 10R.

Transferring MB 10L to RB 11L, then K2R.

Transferring heel stitch of RB 10R to MB 11R.

Transferring RB 11L to MB 12L, K2R.  Continue increasing one stitch on each end knitting two rows in between the increases.

After last increases have been made K2R, transfer to MB and K1R at garment tension (garter row).  The side facing you is to be used as the public side of band.  

Note the increases on each side and garter row just below the dark WY.  Also, the transfer tool is placed in the edge to indicate where you would be mattress stitching the miter together, it's not the usual bar, more of a "loop and knot." 

If you have a Brother Ribbing Techniques Book, this method is detailed there but I find it easier to look at the photos.


  1. Hi, Tom! Many times, I have done a full-fashion decrease on each end of a band, every row as you describe, then bound off neatly and used the bound-off side as the top of the band. It's beautiful, if you do a good mattress stitch and a loop-through-a-loop bind-off.

    1. Hi Diana! Yes I agree, that too is a great method if the full-fashion decreases are also done neatly. I do tend to like the ribber rolled edge on a V-neck, guess it's some of my A type personaility peeking through huh?

  2. Thanks Tom, as always, a good job and most of photos exhaustive.