Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finishing School A Resource For All Knitters

Machine knitting mentor Diana Sullivan has released her latest course "Knitters Finishing School" - it's been a while in the making.

I enjoyed lunch with Diana and her husband when she was here in Las Vegas.  We talked for hours and could have kept on going!  I remember us talking about this, I was excited this was in her "list of to do's" as I have received many questions on finishing.

Seeing she had released this I quickly ordered one.  It's a great reference tool for all knitters, beginners to experienced.

Take a look and learn from one of the best!

Click on the below link to take you to her blog and posting, you can order directly from this page:

Diana's Finishing School Course

Keep in mind you can knit really beautifully but if your finishing is not precise and professional your items will suffer.


  1. Tom, thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. I know knitters need the information, just hope my delivery works for them! John and I are so excited that you are about to do your first seminar at Rocking Horse Farms - you're going to have a whole room of knitters who are also crazy about you. I hope as other knitting teachers, dealers, designers, and shop owners read posts like this, we all understand the imperative to act as a TEAM to help knitters enjoy and succeed in this wonderful hobby.

  2. Tom, your last sentence is well said!
    All the effort while knitting is worthless, if the finishing isn´t done properly...