Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Pounds Of Yarn - FREE!

Wow, there are some really nice people out there.  Today, I got home and there was a box at my door.  I had ordered some replacement fine knit bars from "Leanneco" over on eBay last week.  They sent the yarn to me just because they are nice, 10 lbs of it.  The message from them was "I know you will make something nice!"  Leanneco, I promise I will.  And to top it off they did not charge me for the shipping.

So, now my wheels are turning, what can I whip up with that mohair...then there is the gold which will be perfect trim for the Christmas Stockings I am already planning...or maybe the mind never stops.

A B I G Thank you!  And please visit their eBay store when you need items for your knitting machines, again, not affiliated with them in any way; just darn good service!  100% positive feedback with nearly 3,000 transactions!

Here's the link to their eBay store:


  1. You can also mix the gold with a fine yarn and knit it with another yarn in a jacquard motif. It looks festive without being garish!

    1. Perfect idea Blonde! I'm certainly not looking for anything garish.

  2. You lucky lucky man!!! shame there are not companies in the UK that do that :-( especially for people like me who constantly order from the same companies. Oh well! you have lots of planning to do now to knit these into!