Monday, May 28, 2012

Machine Knit Baby's Raglan Sweater & MORE Yarn...

The baby Raglan Pullover I had made was completed (no UFO on this), seamed and washed this weekend.  I rarely block items, usually wash them and dry in the method suggested for the yarn used.  This one was acrylic so into a little mild detergent and in the dryer it went.  Here is the finished project:

Baby Cardigan - Size 6 Months

Amazing how the stitches "puff" up and fill in once washed.  I like this as it is perfect for a boy or girl.

Now for MORE yarn.  Last year I built a knitting studio in my home; plenty of room for a bulky and standard knitting machine to always be set-up, complete with granite counter tops, many size drawers, bins for yarns, closet lined on one side with peg board to hang my knitting gadgets, shelves in the closet for more knitting paraphernalia, well, you get the idea.  To totally dedicate this as a knitting studio, I made color copies of knitting publications and had them framed for the walls.  No mistaking what this room is!

When it was completed I had more than enough space for all of the different yarns and even drawers for the end of skeins or leftovers for waste yarn.  I was organized.  Being the "Neat Nik" (as Diana Sullivan lovingly referred to me as) I was happy as could be and quite proud of my studio. hit.  Yarn, lots of it.  What am I thinking or was I?  Sales here and there, buying some online, I had recently had 10 lbs of it sent to me free (a gift) AND now another 30 lbs of free yarn on it's way not to mention the additional Yeoman yarn I just ordered.

Needless to say I am out of room and it's making me nuts!  So as I was trying to organize things to make room, I found a large box in the closet with 4 huge cones of 2/24.  Eeeeeekkk!

So, considering myself lucky (thinking positive here), I have decided to take charge and knit away.  Have another two-(2) expecting mothers I could whip up some baby items for (although not a lot of yarn used for those projects) and then there is charity.

Not having a family narrows down who you can knit for.  So, since I love the rhythmic sound and feel of the knitting machines & the creative outlet I have decided to keep at it then give it away.  Why not?  it is such a great feeling when others appreciate what you are doing for them.  How nice to know you are keeping someone warmer at night when it's chilly (yes it gets chilly here in Las Vegas during our "2" seasons of hot & cold).  Then there is always knitting for the US Troops.  I have a box ready to send off as I speak.

I had to ramble (sorry) and maybe you too will think about using up your excess yarn to knit for a charity.

And, what's hanging on your needles....?


  1. That is just sooo cute!! I luv it!!

    I would like to see some pictures of your knitting room. My craft room is sooo small & sooo packed that I can barely turn around in it. I'm always envious when I see that someone has a nice big room with plenty of space. But in a good way!!

  2. I would also love to see pictures of your knitting room. Mine is quite large, but it's still a work in progress as I'm always looking for original ways to store everything!
    You can see it here:

  3. Me too. I would like to see it too. Mine is not anywhere near as organized as yours sounds and it's always good to get new ideas. Love the little baby sweater.

  4. This sweater looks very soft and pretty, and that is why is perfect for a child, for instance. I also want to have a look at some pictures of your knitting room, please. I have no knitting room of my own, though have lots of yarn as you do. And indeed, the idea of chariting seems very attractive to me.