Thursday, May 31, 2012

30 Pounds Of Free Yarn & The Buttonhole Challenge

30lbs Of FreeYarn:

Last night after work, I found a big box at my front door.  I was expecting it but was too tired (and HOT- this is Las Vegas) to open it and "get involved."  So, decided to wait until tonight to do so.

The photo below is the 30 pounds of yarn packed in the box.  There is some GREAT yarn here - "Velveen and Mohair" some of my favorites!

30lbs Of Free Yarn

Now where to store it all?  I still have two-(2) cones of yarn being shipped and should be here soon.  A big THANK YOU to the wonderful person who sent me the free yarn.  Now I have a promise to live up to and start making good use of it including knitting for charities.

The Buttonhole...CHALLENGE:

I have another baby sweater all done with the exception of the button hole bands (Tamm @ T7).  I don't want a ribbed band which would essentially hide the button holes (we've done those).  So, I plan to knit the bands directly on the edges of the sweater.  I have used my tried and true - transfer two-(2) stitches to each adjacent needle, knit one-(1) row then e-wrap the loops the carriage just made (by turning the stitches 180 deg, hang claw weight), then continue knitting.  That just isn't fine enough or should I say tailored enough for my liking.  I have used it over and over and the ribbed band methods too.  Just searching for a better way.  Most of what I have done or have seen just isn't hitting me with"this is it!"

So, if you have a great, new or different method of making a neat, slim and tailored buttonhole, let me know!  No rush, mother not even close to labor and boy or girl is not known (what side to make the buttonholes).

Thanks and knit on...

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  1. It would help us help you, if you shared a picture of the baby sweater... :-)