Monday, May 21, 2012

Transfer Carriage - Set Free!

I am currently knitting a button down cardigan for a 6 month old.  As I knit the ribbing I heard some yelling, "LET ME OUT!"  I looked around and the yelling was coming from the cabinets in my knitting studio...

Then, it hit me, it was my Transfer Carriage yelling at me!  I opened the drawer and saw this:

Brother Transfer Carriage

So I quickly opened the box took the poor thing out and put it to use!  The yelling stopped.

Brother Transfer Carriage

What was I "not" thinking the hundreds of times I had to transfer from rib to main bed knitting??? They are really very easy to use, here's how I did it for 1X1 ribbing:

1. Removed all weights just leaving the ribber comb attached.

2. Brought out all MB needles to B position (working position) including three extra needles on each end.

3. Transferred one-(1) end ribber stitch manually to the MB.

4. Placed the carriage on the right hand side, lever in left hand corner down (check the manual as different needle selections require this lever to be up), you can see the lever in the photo above; then slid it across the beds.  All stitches transferred to the MB.

5. Removed the Transfer Carriage and gave a gently tug on the cast on comb to seat all the stitches on the MB needles.  Slid back the empty MB needles before I started MB knitting.


Easy, I will never lock up the Transfer Carriage again, well, I'll put it away until I need to transfer again!  Give it a go, you'll be so glad you did!

Just wish they made these for the 9mm machines...

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