Monday, June 10, 2013

Are Your Combs Tearing Your Lace?

Thank you Brian!  Brian wrote me with his fix for weights when knitting lace; here is his solution:

I have been trying to knit fine lace scarves with not much success. The combs keep distorting the stitches and/or breaking the yarn. I have a solution that has worked well for me and only uses items you may have around your house! This is a cheap solution that is working well for me: 

A pant-hanger that has the open/close assembly & a wooden dowel. 

Then I put the dowel behind the knitting and push it and the knitting into the jaws of the pant hanger. Then clamp the hanger closed. Hang weights either on the ends as shown, or onto the hanger that would normally be hung on your closet rod. 

It’s an easy & cheap solution! One other idea is to purchase those round tubes for a bird cage that has some sandpaper on them so the birds keep their nails filed. Then insert over dowel and you will find the knitting sticks and it’s easier to position on the dowel.

If you are on Ravelry, you can find his post here:


  1. I'm going to use your idea right now!!! thank you so much :)

  2. Brilliant, I am knitting a very loose loopy scarf in fine yarn and I'm getting there but too slowly - your simple idea is just what I need. Thank you for sharing it.