Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bellinky Linker & Latest Project

Working on a polo shirt a little at a time.  This photo was taken just after I attached the FNR collar.  At the moment there are no sleeves yet and the front keyhole bands need to be stitched down.  It is a Knit Leader project having traced on the mylar from a well fitting shirt I wear often.

Note The Yarn Ends I Need To Weave In

Also, finally received the combs for my Bellinky linker.  Similar to the Hauge linker as it attaches the two knitted pieces with a neat chain stitch.  Takes a bit of getting used to but the time spent is well worth it.

Like New Linker


  1. I have a bellinky linker but cannot find the combs

  2. Jill very frustrating indeed. I was able to find a Seller in the UK who was willing to part with the combs and send them to me. There are no resources for the combs. Continue to check eBay and etc. for when one is up for sale. Wish I could help more.

  3. Hi Tom, I also have a belinky and need some combs, if you come across any would you please let me know>


  4. tom ,i only have one needle so im a bit afraid to use mine, they are orcan 22 so ive read, not available anymore. are there alternative needles one can use

  5. Sorry so late. You can find needles for the belinky linker at Select size #140/22.

  6. Hello all.
    I wanted to as if this Bellinky linker is worth while, or should I rather buy the singer DL1000?