Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Main Bed Cast On Using Your Ribber Comb

This is a utilitarian cast on when you are using WY for the main bed cast on.  I have often though of doing this but, really got inspired when I read MAO's (just about the same idea) blog recently.

Today, I was starting the entrelac foundation row for the test knitting I am doing for Diana Sullivan and when I took out the usual main bed cast on comb I actually said YUK!  I don't like those combs with their prickly ends that never stay in each stitch and not to mention getting it in each cast on stitch.  So, I pulled out my bulky ribber comb and voila!  An easy cast on without the comb moving and coming undone.  I did not remove my ribber either and keep in mind I do not have spindly, thin hands (size 11.5 ring), anyone can do this.

Using my Brother Bulky, I set my tension dial to 10 and selected every other needle.  Ran the carriage threaded with the yarn across the main bed then, hung the comb:
  1. Remove the wire completely
  2. Slide the comb up between the gate pegs and the loops
  3. Tilt the comb forward toward you (see picture) 
  4. Slide the wire back in
  5. Hang weights

Bring forward to working position the remaining needles.  SLOWLY slide your carriage across the main bed.  Your cast on is done!  Now, reduce your tension each row until you get to the tension needed for your knitting and knit 6 or so rows at your tension.

Here are the pictures as I went along:

Side View Of Ribber Comb Inserted
Front View Of Ribber Comb Inserted
Wire Inserted - EN In Work
Cast On Completed With A Few Rows Knitted


  1. Great idea Tom usually do cosìhttp :/ / but tomorrow I try thanks

  2. Thanks Vanda! Let me know how it works for you. I like your blog and you are a great knitter.

  3. Hello Tom I could send you pictures but I do not know how hello Thanks