Monday, February 27, 2012

How To Remove UV Discoloration From Your Knitting Machines & Their Accessories

A wonderful lady, Diana Sullivan published my whitening technique and "recipe" last year on her blog.  Click on this link for everything you need to know, before/after photos and some questions answered:

Tom's Whitening Process & Recipe

I have used this on knitting machines, garter carriages, needle pushers, transfer and latch tools and they all come out like they were when they were  made.  All you need is a few basic ingredients and sunshine.  Just remember to remove the plastic items from the machine and or whatever it is attached too as this is meant only for plastic that has been discolored/yellowed from exposure to UV light.

If you need more information, advice and or encouragement please don't hesitate to let me now.  I really like helping people rejuvenate their precious knitting machines to a brand new condition.

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