Sunday, February 12, 2012

Entrelac Testing For Diana Sullivan

I have started testing Diana's new entrelac sweater pattern for her upcoming book and DVD.  This is going to be a very detailed and information packed set!  She sent me the draft of her instructions and charts; I got to testing her method tonight.

Having done entrelac by hand and on the knitting machine I was discouraged to try it again.  The knitting machine method I used before was terrible, confusing and it just created a messy fabric.  The hand knitting took a lot of time.

Diana's method is so clear, quick and EASY!  Take a look at my test swatch using her method:

There is a definite rhythm with Diana's method and believe it or not, very relaxing.  Kind of nice to not just be going back and forth with a carriage, instead I am creating a shaped fabric with color and texture.

Now on to the sweater!

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