Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Garter Carriage?

I have had a garter carriage and use it often. Yes, they are slow, but you can make some beautiful patterns without tedious and labor intensive hand tooling.

Two of my Brother machines are "E's" which is short for Eleganza. They are whiter than the others with a soft blue colored trim. Brother made accessories for the E line to match. I am the kind of guy where I want accessories to match even if I am the only one seeing them. Also, as Diana Sullivan referred to me, I am a neat nick.

For a while I watched the Brother E garter carriages come and go on line. Finally I gave in to temptation and purchased an Ugly Betty E garter carriage. Yesterday it was delivered and arrived unscathed and works perfectly. The white and blue plastic is UV discolored and the lint and grease is bad, very bad. Being who I am I would not place it on my pristine machine until I give it an overhaul.

So, hopefully this weekend I can start the process of rejuvenation. The entire machine will be taken apart, cleaned, whitened, needle replaced and reassembled.

I will post before and after photos. All knitting machines and their accessories can be brand new again!

Happy knitting and what's hanging on your needles?

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  1. I'd love to see the garter carriage in action! They intrigue me... :-)