Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tom's Machine Knit Circular Hat, Now In German!

A few weeks ago, Diana Sullivan sent me an email as a fellow machine knitter Telse in Germany asked if she could film the hat I designed (Diana filmed and posted on her blog & YouTube) as a German video. I designed this method as I avoid seaming if possible. Diana tested it for me, liked it and did the video (was that a real honor!). We have been encouraging machine knitters to knit for the US Troops in Afghanistan. Diana is a wonderful person and someone I enjoy communicating and exchanging ideas with.

Telse made the hat for her husband (on her brother 260) and they both liked it. I was flattered and of course I said yes when they asked my permission. Even if you don't understand German you can easily follow along. Here is her wonderful YouTube video of the hat I designed.

Tom's Circular Machine Knit Hat


  1. Did you actually get credited in that video Tom? I didnt hear your name, only Diana's. Shame :-( Its a nice design - I will have to get round to setting my bulky up and have a go.

    1. Phil, if you watch the scroll across the screen at the very beginning of her video you will see "und Tom." My claim to fame! LOL She did a very nice job on the video.

      This method works well on the standard too, you just need to get your gauge and calculate how many stitches/rows.

      How's the new machine doing?